By buying into the globalist design to establish absolute power over all people, Barack Obama betrayed all of the people that elected him. He became a modern day betrayer of trust to even his own race by destroying the respect for Martin Luther King and the Islamic people. He has undone the respect for civil rights and black equality by executive order and not by legislative enactment or by the will of the people. Millions of white people also mistakenly voted for him simply because he was black, perhaps to demonstrate that race predjudice was a thing of the past in a free country, that all men, black or white, male or female, gay or straight should be treated with respect, as it should have been before the necessity of the civil rights movement.

When Obama was elected, Jesse Jackson wept. Why did he weep? Was it because he thought Obama would be a great president or because he was a black man? Quite clearly it was the latter but that should be qualified further by his personal hope and expectation that Obama would represent the freedom of all men. He has betrayed Jesse Jackson. Did the millions of blacks in the U.S. vote for Obama because they thought he would be a great president, a protector of freedom or was it because he was black and they surmised that he would represent their selfish cause against what they saw as the tyrannical christian whites? If the latter, voting was the very act of racism in itself. So who are the real prejudiced ones? Women wept when Hillary lost the election for President to Donald Trump. Why? In this case, to weep is to discriminate. What color, creed or gender are the real discriminators? Does it really make any difference as far as the principals of freedom are concerned? Men are either free or enslaved by false security, of their own choosing. No government will ever be successful in removing that responsibility from the individuals they govern.

Let me put forth another factor that does not divide blacks from whites, men from women, gays from straights or muslims from christians, On the contrary, it pulls them together for a common cause. No good American can ignore the fact that the reason they have enjoyed citizenship in the U.S. is because the protection provided by the Constitution of the U.S., that which was intended to provide equal protection under the law and is based on the principal that “all men are created equal”  as Thomas Jefferson first declared in the Declaration of Independence. This principal, as supported by the subsequent Constitution of the United States has provided the premise for religious freedom and racial equality in America. The very purpose for the creation of the earth and the population thereof would be thwarted if freedom and the agency of man to choose for himself were destroyed or taken away by governing principalities and powers. If the agency of man is lost there will be no more purpose for the earth or the men and women in it. They will no longer have the capacity to progress or to establish self control or personal responsibility. Man cannot grow without the freedom to succeed or the opportunity to fail as he chooses.

Obama will go down in history as being the great American Judas, having given away as much of the freedom of the people, black, white or brown as he possibly could during his tenure as the elected President of a free country. He is a dupe, just as Judas was, believing service to the powers that be are in his best interest. Perhaps his pride, or the Islamic Brotherhood convinced him that he could become America’s first emperor only to find that promises made by those that direct his maneuvers will be forgotten just as quickly as he has forgotten his hollow promises to the American people.

What is most tragic is that he will be on the list to be first dumped by the people he serves after he has served his purpose for their cause, just as he has dumped the African Americans and the Muslims of the country by betraying them and the movement that was so painfully championed for their cause by Martin Luther King. He thinks he sold the souls of Americans to the corporate moguls that control the riches of the world against the poor. They too will betray one another in the end. Their hollow purpose cannot stand. There is no honor among thieves.

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