Information disclosed by the New York Times in 2014 about J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI’s determination to censor Martin Luther King has prompted me to write further about King and his relationship with a U.S. Government, a government alligned with the globalist agenda to protect and defend not the citizens of the United States but the Government FROM the citizens. This writing is in addition to a commentary I made in a previous publication, “A Patriot’s Commitment”.

A recent issue of the New York Times has disclosed a letter that was written by an FBI Agent, assigned by his Director, J. Edgar Hoover as an apparent attempt to persuade King to commit suicide. The letter was delivered to King prior to his journey to Norway to accept the Nobel Peace Prize but was not opened until after his return. King, having had previous experiences with the FBI, immediately suspected that the letter had originated with them. It has since been confirmed that indeed that was the case.

It is interesting to note that Hoover, a known bachelor, cross dresser and homosexual, associated with and blackmailed by the Mafia used sexual misbehavior as a tool to discredit King. It was apparently the best that could be found against the civil rights leader. I guess people in power at some point begin to believe they are exalted, that they are invincible, untouchable and exempt from the moral standard widely accepted by the citizens they have been appointed to serve. The Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith Jr. made the correct observation that by nature “The devil flatters us that we are righteous when we are feeding on the faults of others.”

Which one was the real “evil one’  when the finger was pointed by J. Edgar Hoover toward Martin Luther King? How much more of this kind of evil is residual today with a White House whose operations are so obviously dictated by the globalist agenda? Nothing has changed in this respect. That fact, has been, and is becoming more obvious the same today as it was with Hoover. The disclosures made by whistle blower, Edward Snowden were not the only evidences uncovered by other patriots on these issues. The corporatocracy, BechtelCarlyle Group, Halliburton, J.P. Morgan Chase,  World Bank, International Monetary Fund and their operative organization called the Federal Reserve and several others have had fingers and representatives in the U.S. Government, particularly the Executive Branch, at least since the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act in 1914. Their influence becomes more evident and more widespread rapidly since the financial meltdown of 2008. Scandals of criminal and civil disobedience, although rampant and plainly evident among Wall Street Bankers, have been protected by this corrupt and greedy corporatocracy by dictating that the US Attorney General, Eric Holder ordered the Department of Justice to back off of from pursuing fraud charges against the criminals within the banking system.

The corporatocracy has used the United States CIA, a bureau administered by the Executive Branch to accomplish its emperialistic takeover of third world countries on many occasions since its creation in 1947. Such imperialism began with the creation of the CIA, the overthrow of the democratic government of Iran in 1953 and then the takeover of Guatemala in 1954, instigated by the Dulles Brothers and the CIA for United Fruit Company. The United Fruit propoganda was an early experiment to use communism as a tool to capture public support for their actions. The then democratically elected President of Guatamala, Jacobo Arbenz, because he was trying to take back land for the Guatemalan people that had been arbitrarily granted (for a large sum of money of course) to United Fruit Company by the previous dictator, Jorge Ubico, was branded as a communist and the word circulated through the media to the people in the United States to gain support for the takeover. Arbenz was ousted and a military dictator, Carlos Castillo Armas, was arbitrarily installed in his place. PLEASE don’t try to convince me anymore that the United States Government supports democracy. The evidence is too clear that the opposite has nearly always been the case.

A most interesting experiment in US imperialism was the ousting of democratically elected President of Iran, Mohammed Mosaddegh and his replacement with a lackey dictator, the Shah of Iran in order to preserve the oil interests of both Britain and the United States from the Iranian people. The experiment, spearheaded by Kermit Roosevelt, a CIA operative worked quite well. Hence, it has been used to implement imperialism on many occasions since and is still being used on a larger scale today in the middle east. The system is simple; stir up insurrections beginning with paid mercenaries and escalating to larger groups of militants such as Jihadists to ISIS, then step in as the saving hero by taking over the country and its resources, all at the expense of the US taxpayers.

The real reason Martin Luther King was assassinated by a Government operative was to silence him before he led the planned march on Washington DC to further disclose the doings of the Carlyle Group and others who were manipulating the US Government in support of the Viet Nam War since the war was feeding their pocketbooks so profusely. I don’t know how many of the US Presidents have been aware or deliberately involved with the corporate, globalist agenda but it is obvious that they have supported it, perhaps with the exception of Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. In fact, even Woodrow Wilson, who was instrumental in the passing of the Federal Reserve Act, openly admitted that a handful of men with money and power were pulling the strings on the government. His view, as has been that of many others since, was that there is nothing that can be done about it so we just as well cooperate with them. In other words, “If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em.”  That attitude is plainly a dangerous step toward selling ones soul to the devil. Revelations 18:3-5.

It is time for all good Americans, whether or not they work for the private sector, the government, law enforcement, military, muslim, jew, christian, black, white or whatever to wake up and establish a position and become proactive in support of it, whether for or in opposition to the globalist agenda.

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