Whistleblowers perform a very important and beneficial protection for the people by informing them of the secret manipulations of their governments. It is important, and has been since the history of governments, for the people of any governed country to remember that governments tend toward despotism and must be checked by the people from time to time. Hence the institution of Star Chamber Proceedings in old England, the establishment of the “common law” and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Whistleblowers can be engaged in manipulative tactics that represent the desires of any movement, so they must also be checked for the accuracy of their information. There are also “false flags” to be reckoned with. There is deception everywhere, making it difficult to find the truth that is necessary to prevent despotism. Governments, military and political psychologists are commonly used to proclaim or demonstrate false flags to lead the public or their enemies toward a particular impression in order to further a secret undisclosed agenda.

WHISTLEBLOWER, Dr. Steve Pieczenik


Dr. Steve Pieczienik served the United States State Department  as an expert in terrorist psychology. He served as Deputy Assistant to Secretary of State to Henry Kissinger and served Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush. In 1974, Pieczeinik joined the US State Department as a consultant in restructuring its office for the prevention of terrorism. In 1976 he was made Deputy Secretary of State for Management. He was made a specialist on hostage taking. He coined the term Psycho Political Dynamics. Steve Pieczenik is deeply connected with the intelligence community.


My question that day: Why would Pieczenik reveal a counter coup? Why wouldn’t they do it in secret if they wanted it to succeed? I have to remember that Pieczenik is an expert in manipulative psychology. I still wonder, what is his personal, heart felt agenda.

I think the answer is he did it to let the American people know that there is a great deal of opposition to the criminal globalist movement that they/we are not alone in a stand against globalism, we also have the support of many of the FBI, police forces and the military that do and will oppose any attempt to take away the constitutional rights of the American people. This was done by Pieczenik to build confidence for supporters of Trump and dispel a degree of fear in undecided voters.

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